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Are you tired of fighting your skin?

You’re not alone. I too struggled for a long time to achieve skin that I feel good in. The truth is our skin is a reflection of what is going on both inside & outside our bodies. Our skin issues can be a result of a variety of concerns and therefore I believe in a personalized approach to healing our skin. I walk my clients through a holistic approach that gets to root causes which may be physical, emotional or even energetic!



I’m Lorissa. I’m a Registered Nurse and also a Certified Herbalist specializing in Women’s Health. Integrating these two passions I create a truly integrative, healing experience that bridges modern medicine and traditional healing wisdom. I have struggled my whole life with skin issues and have personally found an integrative approach using botanical medicines and other holistic techniques that finally allows my skin to glow.

Your Personalized Skin Consultation will include:

~ Comprehensive look into your health history that utilizes my practiced Nurse & Herbalist skill sets
~ Deep dive into personal underlying causes of your skin concerns
~ Co-creation of a holistic plan to meet your goals that includes meaningful lifestyle management suggestions, personalized herbal remedies (additional cost).
~ An exploration of healing limited thoughts and beliefs that may be contributing to a disease pattern.
~ BONUS: Free Personalized Flower Remedy Blend ($30 value)

Your Commitment: Just $80

Feeling confident in our skin is everything. Our skin is a statement of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. I have made it my mission to help other women feel naturally beautiful in their skin. Our 1:1 consultation will open the door to your skin healing journey. You too can become BFFs with your skin!



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My daughter and I have used Miss Riss lavender and rose lotion on our faces along with another lotion we use before we go to bed and it has worked amazingly well! Blemish scars disappearing and no more dryness! Thanks! — Linda D.
Lorissa helped me to realign my lifestyle in order to help balance out my newly diagnosed PCOS and lose weight. With her kind and thoughtful guidance, I was able to have the support I needed as I started on my newfound road toward healthy living. Approximately six months later and I have lost 50 pounds this year and many of my symptoms that plagued me have vastly improved. Many thanks to Lorissa for the empowerment and information to change my life holistically and help me get back to the person I need to be. — Lily W.
I have been using a variety of Miss Riss Botanicals products and I can assure you Lorissa is amazingly talented! I purchased a Bach Flower Remedy that was personally blended for me. I had the option of choosing glycerin rose base, and I can’t even compare to the ones I have used in the past, she took it to the next level — it’s a very high quality product that’s totally affordable! — Bianca P.
*Must be scheduled by 2/15/2019 to receive promo deal. Sessions available in person (Denver, CO) or virtually (phone or Skype).

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I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Miss Riss, Nurse Herbalist

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